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“For a long time now, I have received an in-bound enquiry every working day. It’s taken me five years to figure out how to create this reliable river of enquiries,” explains marketing consultant Nigel Temple.

“They arrive by email and by telephone. Each one is from someone who is ready to enagage with me / spend  money. They come from people who have a genuine interest in something specific that I have to offer. They are going to give their money to someone and I just have to answer their questions.

“I have decided to share the secret of how I have created my ‘sales lead generation machine’. Or to put it another way, my ‘Marketing Robot’.


“The key thing is that this is a ‘pull’ not ‘push’ marketing strategy.

“The robot comprises a series of parts, just like other machines. Over the years, whilst I was locked up in my laboratory, I experimented with many different components. I have tried fitting them together in many ways. Finally, I made a working Marketing Robot which brings customers to me. My robot does not like spam, by the way. It does not churn out unsolicited emails. The robot is moral, legal and GDPR compliant.

“What is more, it doesn’t use old fashioned, aggressive push techniques. It brings people to me who are interested. What a helpful robot this has proved to be.”

Marketing robot?

In case you’re wondering, the robot is built out of software. You may be glad to hear that no coding is required to build one. The purpose of the robot is to bring more people to your door. Once you have constructed it, the robot can run forever (no holidays required!)

If you would like to see how it all works and learn a step by step approach to building your own robot, here are 3 options for you:


Nigel will meet with you for a tailored Marketing Robot consultative training session.

We build it for you

Alternatively, we can build your robot for you, whilst you run your business. Email or call Nigel on 01628 773128 to find out more.

“Nigel Temple has made a big difference to our marketing. He combines strategic vision, in-depth knowledge and an eye for detail. We experienced a dramatic increase in response rates – as soon as we implemented his ideas. Highly recommended!

Jack black

“Thank you so much Nigel for a very worthwhile and informative Marketing Robot workshop. There were a considerable number of fresh new ideas/resources, as well as consolidation of important issues. The value of the workshop was enhanced for me as a NavigatorPlus member where I have ongoing access to you. Marketing for me is a journey!”

David eaton MBE
SME Strategies

Navigator members receive ongoing support for the year ahead.

NavigatorPlus includes a conversation with Nigel about your marketing, every month.

“Along with many others, I have learnt a great deal from Nigel.” ~ David Strelitz, DSVP

“Nigel has a seemingly unlimited depth of knowledge.” ~ Tom Evans, Shere Solutions

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